Mark Jarman on a Wall by a lake

Why Do Yoga?

The Yoga classes at Mark Jarman Yoga are suitable for all levels, including complete beginners. It is understandable that many people have fear about coming to their first class…. read more »

What is Yoga?

As a well cut diamond has many facets, each reflecting a different colour of light, so does the word Yoga, each facet reflecting a different shade of meaning and revealing read more »

Benefits of Yoga

The benefits that come into your life through Yoga are so rewarding that once you start it is virtually impossible to stop. You feel better, look better, your skin is different, your… read more »

Styles of Yoga

Today far too much emphasis is being placed on ‘What style of Yoga do you practise? it’s almost as if it’s becoming a fashion statement! More important than any style… read more »

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