• Amanda MorwoodAmanda Morwood

    I have really enjoyed your sessions, as a runner and biker this has helped me to tap into something deeper and its a great way to be pushed physically at the same time.

    See you next Friday, Amanda

  • Rosalind EbdonRosalind Ebdon

    A Mark Jarman yoga class includes all that you would expect from a good yoga class – a friendly welcome, a calm ambiance, a competent teacher who delivers instructions clearly, a range of postures which are co-ordinated with conscious breathing and work all muscle groups and a guided relaxation to end. I would encourage anyone interested in yoga, whether a beginner or an experienced practitioner, to try one.

  • Jenny TurneyJenny Turney

    Dear Mark,

    I am really enjoying and feeling the benefits of the MarkJarmanYoga sessions. The 90 mins. session is just the right length. The pranayama/yoga breathing and gentle stretches, as an introduction to each session, gently awake my whole body, both physically, mentally and spiritually.
    Reminders from the teacher on physical adjustments, particularly on the core muscles, the Bandhas and reminders to breath properly WITH the asanas, have been particularly helpful in challeging myself further and heightening awareness of any incorrect habits which have crept in. These reminders always seem to be appropriate and timely, as if speaking to me personally. This gives the impression that the teacher has a good awarness of the needs of each individual in the group.
    The relaxing Yoga Nidra at the end of the session is a treat!
    I appreciate the attentive, supportive,genuine and friendly approach of the teacher and also like the spiritual, wise words on the website that are a helpful reminder in my practice….

  • Cheryl ShelleyCheryl Shelley

    I would just like to say how much I love your classes (and also how sad I am to be moving away just as you are establishing yourself). I really appreciate the time you take to arrive early and make people feel welcome and individual. That’s a very special gift and not terribly easy when you are trying to focus your mind on the 1 ½ hour routine ahead.
    In my 10 year experience of yoga classes it’s also quite a rarity.
    There simply aren’t enough words in our language to adequately express the benefits of an authentic yoga practise. Every teacher is different, because yoga is open to so many interpretations and when you come across an excellent and dedicated teacher who is right for you, this often manifests more as a feeling of knowingness rather than anything quantifiable. I would encourage anyone with an open mind and an interest in self-discovery to try Mark’s classes and be prepared to be amazed! P.S. If you consequently find exactly the right words to describe the experience do let me know!

  • Penny LownPenny Lown

    I came to Mark’s teaching as a continuation through my journey of wanting to develop my practise. I have been practising yoga for 7 years and I am a discerning student. I am a supporter of ‘yoga for all’ yoga for me is inspiring, motivating, transforming and healing. It certainly is a way back to life, to becoming your authentic self and finding out who you really are. The great misconception of yoga is that it’s an exercise class. Yoga is unique it is a mind and body workout. Yoga has transformed my body and my mind. Mark’s classes provide excellent instruction and authentic ambience to work through the postures. Yoga gives you physical and mental strength and is transforming. Mark is an inspirational teacher. Come and experience a Mark Jarman class. You will be hooked.

    Penny Lown

  • Cassandra RixCassandra Rix

    As someone who’s participated in fitness, both solitarily and in groups, for almost 20 years, I never really saw or believed in the purpose of something like yoga or activities which focused on stretching and lengthening the body. Since I became a fitness instructor as a hobby to compliment my life in 2010 I have tried sports and Swedish massage and good, old-fashioned ‘rest’ to support my fast-paced lifestyle and the considerable demands I place on my body and mind.
    And therein lay the challenge, many of these approaches have led me to consider them ‘boring’ or not adding to, but taking away from my core fitness… until Mark entered the world of Yoga.
    Mainly to support his endeavours and in part out of curiosity, I decided to at least travel part of his journey with him and to my surprise and delight I found something more, for myself…
    From my first, frankly exhausting, 60 minutes of yoga with Mark I realised I had stumbled upon something for body, mind and soul.
    Being ‘fit and strong’ to start off with (or so I thought) I was surprised and delighted to experience mental and physical challenge, absolutely no ‘boredom’ as might be assumed by some (including me) and frankly the most supportive, clear and easy to follow, ‘first time’ exercise class which I left feeling like an ‘achiever’ not a ‘beginner’!
    Mark Jarman is an exceptionally inspiring, motivating and reassuring teacher, particularly for those of us who might consider ourselves ‘athletes’ and who might be reluctant to try something new…do it!

  • Amanda MasonAmanda Mason

    Mark is a fabulous yoga instructor. His classes are strong, yet balanced, appealing and accessible to all ages and abilities. And he guides the class with sensitivity, warmth & humour. Yoga with Mark is the perfect antidote to sooth away the physical and mental tensions of life – what more can you ask?

  • Gregory AngellGregory Angell

    Mark has been practicing Yoga with me the past couple of years and it excites me that he is now embarking on the wonderful journey of teaching Yoga. People are not attracted by appearances; they are attracted by vibes…. And that is why I know Mark will be a great teacher. I recognise ‘authenticity’ and ‘originality’ in Mark and students lucky enough to attend his classes will respond to this I’m sure. Mark expresses himself naturally and it will be this freedom that will enable him to adapt and to achieve continuous growth through his own self-discovery without the restrictive external teaching of forms and styles. Being original or in other words, being yourself is perhaps the most important remedy for personal growth and becoming the best you can be in life…. and becoming an amazing Yoga teacher. Which Mark, I’m sure, is on his way to becoming. Good luck Mark….. Stay humble. Honoured to be your friend.

  • Una Bunting – MeadUna Bunting – Mead

    MJY classes bring a whole new meaning to Yoga. Mixing traditional moves with new music your body is able to stretch beyond the expected.

  • Lorna CummingsLorna Cummings

    Mark’s classes are a complete treat for the body and mind. His authentic touch brings the spiritual to life with things like Yoga Nidra while his asana practice is full of challenge, gentle humour and encouragement not to mention the odd rock track! His class comes highly recommended and is completely addictive!

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