• Elaine ClarkElaine Clark

    I hadn’t practised yoga for over two years and I’m so pleased to have found Mark in January. Already I’m feeling stronger, more flexible and have an increased sense of wellbeing. Very enjoyable classes!

    kind regards,

  • Gill HarrisGill Harris

    “I have been attending weekly classes with Mark for over a year. The very first class inspired me to strive for that level of fitness and flexibility for as long as possible! A year later I am still motivated by that challenge. I have improved massively but still have plenty to push for as Mark’s classes are always challenging. As a teacher he is incredibly focused on helping everyone to understand the postures and provides amazing instruction and encouragement. I love his friendliness and however difficult I find some of the postures, I never feel too intimidated to try. I would recommend to anyone – a really great class to get your life back into balance (if you’ll pardon the pun). Gill

  • Laura Henderson.Laura Henderson.

    Mark Jarman Yoga allows me to detach from my everyday stresses. For an hour a week, I feel I can just focus on myself. I have found Mark’s classes to be great for beginners. He encourages you to take your practise at a pace which suits you, always suggesting ways which poses can be adapted for the varying abilities he teaches. I enjoy the balance of a full body workout alongside relaxation that Mark’s classes offer. Each class has a calming atmosphere which comes from Mark’s persona and the great playlists used to match his sessions. I also appreciate that you are able to attend any of Mark’s classes without booking, which helps anyone with a busy schedule.

    See you next week.


  • Michael Flood.Michael Flood.

    Three months after my first class with Mark, my flexibility has improved noticeably: my everyday posture is better and, critically for me, my comfort on the bike has NEVER been better (my main fitness objectives involve endurance cycling). That’s not a bad return for a guy in his fifties. Lower back stiffness has largely disappeared and a good balance in hips/glutes has been restored. These are the practical outcomes from attending Mark’s classes, but that’s only part of the story. What keeps me coming back for more is that the class atmosphere Mark creates is just great; encouraging & challenging, serious & purposeful, yet still fun, with a meticulously planned cadence of yoga (with great use of music!) to reach a sublime relaxation state at the close.

    Best Wishes


  • Alison Denman.Alison Denman.

    ” I would like to recommend Marks yoga classes for anyone new to the practice as I was a few years ago. Mark is gentle, kind and approachable. His classes cater for beginners and for those who are more experienced!
    I feel stronger, fitter and more flexible , my ‘nurses stiff back’ has definitely improved !
    Thank you Mark for introducing me to yoga it is a joy x “

  • James Neave.James Neave.

    “as a keen cyclist I thought I’d try Yoga to improve my flexibility and strength. Mark Jarman Yoga was recommended by my wife who’s a regular and the results after only about 8 week have been excellent and I find the whole experience very enjoyable……think I’m hooked.”


  • Jane MezzulloJane Mezzullo

    I’m a keen runner, and run approximately 70 plus miles a month.

    Yoga has improved my strength, flexibility, and my mental focus – which has helped my running and stay injury free. Yoga with Mark Jarman is a great investment – I’ll never look back!

  • Aidan WallisAidan Wallis

    “Mark’s classes are brilliant. I started yoga classes a year ago aged 60 and feel so much better for it. We have a great group of people in classes at all sort of levels of proficiency and Mark is always encouraging with a nice sense of humour as an added bonus.”

  • Tracey RobertsTracey Roberts

    I have been practising yoga for many years and from attending Mark’s classes I have become stronger and more body aware. I really enjoy the dynamic section of the class, you dig deep and power through it. What I really love about this part of the class though is the music – Elbow, Arcade Fire, Stereophonics etc. These punchy, anthemic sounds really inspire me to push the poses. Keep them coming Mark!

  • Susi MoserSusi Moser

    18 months ago i was in so much back pain that I couldn’t put my own socks on!!! I had slipped two lower discs and been diagnosed with further complications that caused so much pain so I could barely move on the bad days and caused my core to collapse. After two dreadfully painful procedures on my lower back my Consultant said the only way forward was with surgery to fuse my lower spine. Spinal surgery did not sit well with me so I started a lot of research on spinal health, enter Mark Jarman Yoga. I was already doing some yoga but Marks classes offered exactly what I needed. With Marks continuing enthusiasm, guidance and support I’m now over 120 classes along, I’m still surgery free, my core is functioning properly, my back is getting stronger, I barely need painkillers and my emotional and mental self is loving the journey. I know its still a possibility that I’ll need surgery in the future, but for now my Consultant is both happy for me and utterly astonished at my progress!! Yoga has been a total life changer for me, long may it continue. Thank you Mark!

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