• Jane MezzulloJane Mezzullo

    I’m a keen runner, and run approximately 70 plus miles a month.

    Yoga has improved my strength, flexibility, and my mental focus – which has helped my running and stay injury free.  Yoga with Mark Jarman is a great investment – I’ll never look back!

  • Aidan WallisAidan Wallis

    “Mark’s classes are brilliant. I started yoga classes a year ago aged 60 and feel so much better for it. We have a great group of people in classes at all sort of levels of proficiency and Mark is always encouraging with a nice sense of humour as an added bonus.”

  • Tracey RobertsTracey Roberts

    I have been practising yoga for many years and from attending Mark’s classes I have become stronger and more body aware. I really enjoy the dynamic section of the class, you dig deep and power through it. What I really love about this part of the class though is the music – Elbow, Arcade Fire, Stereophonics etc. These punchy, anthemic sounds really inspire me to push the poses. Keep them coming Mark!

  • Susi MoserSusi Moser

    18 months ago i was in so much back pain that I couldn’t put my own socks on!!! I had slipped two lower discs and been diagnosed with further complications that caused so much pain so I could barely move on the bad days and caused my core to collapse.  After two dreadfully painful procedures on my lower back my Consultant said the only way forward was with surgery to fuse my lower spine.  Spinal surgery did not sit well with me so I started a lot of research on spinal health, enter Mark Jarman Yoga.  I was already doing some yoga but Marks classes offered exactly what I needed.  With Marks continuing enthusiasm, guidance and support I’m now over 120 classes along, I’m still surgery free, my core is functioning properly, my back is getting stronger, I barely need painkillers and my emotional and mental self is loving the journey.  I know its still a possibility that I’ll need surgery in the future, but for now my Consultant is both happy for me and utterly astonished at my progress!!  Yoga has been a total life changer for me, long may it continue.  Thank you Mark!

  • Mark TaphouseMark Taphouse

    ” I had read about the benefits of Yoga and decided to give it a try, I am so pleased I did !! Mark has made me feel very welcome and his classes are brilliant, structured and challenging. I especially like the flexibility of being able to attend any class that works for me, and Marks guidance to perfect each Yoga pose.”

    Thank you

  • Sue CollinsSue Collins

    On joining Mark’s class after years away from any pilates/yoga classes I was thinking the worst. I have been pleasently suprised that there have been no aches (as Mark is quite clear when he tells us to breathe) and I am really enjoying the classes. I love the format Mark follows, and going regularly gives me the overall confidence that I need to keep going back.One thing that is great is although I may not be as flexible as I could be, it doesn’t matter you are still an active and valued member of the class – which is a great feeling.Nearly completed my first 12 classes, and i’ll certainly be booking up for more. A real work out, but relaxing at the same time. Perfect at the either the start or end of my day.See you soon. Sue

  • Fiona MillerFiona Miller

    “Yoga was something I had thought about but never quite put that thought into motion…being in to more high energy sweaty breathless activities, I was a bit sceptical about the spiritual aspect and slowness!! Oh how wrong I was…I love it. Mark leads an easy to follow class giving options for beginners and more established yogis alike. I find it challenging, tiring and …yes…spiritual..but not in a weird way..in a calming and relaxing way…just enough!! The classes are plenty and you can always find one to fit ones ever moving goal posts. I am totally converted, love Marks energy and enthusiasm in the classes, I feel better in myself and my body seems to be liking it too!!!!! Give it a go….”

  • Jerome GoodluckJerome Goodluck

    I was completely new to yoga, had no previous experience, yet thought about giving it a go.  Various options came up on a web search and the presentation of Mark’s website was appealing.  He was very responsive and helpful with my initial enquiries and I attended my first class soon after.  Mark and the rest of the group, of varying experience, were most welcoming.  A second class helped me to realise that “I love yoga”, quite a revelation.  Mark is an excellent instructor, supportive, encouraging and inspirational.  The whole vibe and routine is fantastic.  Only 6 weeks in and I can already start to feel the benefits, in both body and mind.  Can’t wait for my next class, thank you Mark!

  • Vicky GoodluckVicky Goodluck

    Yoga is something I had toyed with taking up for some time, and always thought it would require physical strength and encourage relaxation.  I did not envisage it touching on my emotion quite so deeply as it does.  Maybe that’s because I’m so shattered at the end of his class, or possibly because of his calming voice alongside the beautiful music.  Whatever it is, I sleep like a baby that evening!


    I’ve attended Mark’s yoga classes for a month or so, they have already helped me to be a little more flexible and I’ve met some lovely, likeminded people.


    Mark teaches yoga to complete beginners, those with years of experience and those coming back to yoga after a break in the same consistent, well thought-out and encouraging way.  He gives everybody confidence by explaining and demonstrating the steps for each routine and his voice is confident, calm and professional.

    The venues are terrific, and Mark gives thought to the atmosphere from the moment you walk in the room.   Having the flexibility to turn up to any session that week also works well for me, but do remember to arrive 10 minutes before the start of class – it’s well worth the relaxation time prior to the yoga session.


    I would thoroughly recommend Mark’s classes to anybody thinking of trying yoga.

  • Ginny HefernanGinny Hefernan

    Mark’s yoga classes are expertly run and led, with a calmness and sense of peace that belies the energy and strength demanded by his routines.

    He uses candles, music and meditative-style words of preparation that mean I always start relaxed but mentally focused.

    During a term the routine remains largely the same, which means you get to work at the positions and push yourself further towards the full pose, and Mark often goes walkabout to help individuals adjust and improve what they’re doing.

    That may sound boring but it’s not – this is much better than some teachers who utilise a whole raft of new postures each week which you only get a moment to try before moving on to something else.

    I really commend Mark’s encouraging attitude that means beginners shouldn’t feel left behind but improvers like me always feel challenged, tired yet energised by end of class.

    I so look forward to each class!

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